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4MV #229 Eggs: the secret new weapon against dementia ✔ new research and ongoing

Published about 2 months ago • 6 min read

⭑ Eggs are back in fashion ✔ now found to delay dementia
⭑ Should you drink commercial green juices? ✔ don't overthink it
⭑ Losing weight isn't always a good sign ✔ beware malnutrition, here's how
⭑ Keyboards slowly strain and pain our wrists ✔ do these exercises daily

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Trust you're well.

My first evening at the local Masters Athletics group was an eye-opener. I ran in all three runs - 1600m, 200m and 4,000 km - and so did almost everyone else, including the over-80s! It turns out that it is the exception not to run in every event - they are a robust crowd!

In terms of "past the post", I came 4th in all three races, with the same 49-year-old, 50-year-old and 59-year-old before me in each finish. The prizes are based on self-estimated times; on that basis, I won 3rd prize in the 200m.

If you are interested in running, check out your local Masters group; they'll welcome you.

Last week I mentioned my "beta-carotene booster" for your artery health - papaya, (orange-fleshed) sweet potatoes and carrots. Just a heads-up - I've changed the ratios I now use to 2 units of papaya and 1 unit each of the others (by weight).

Green juices beat-up? I think the commercial ones are fine for most people - see item #2 below.

Eggs fire up our brain - and hold back dementia. Recent and ongoing research - see item #1.


01 Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Eggs Help Protect Against Cognitive Decline

I was surprised to hear from one of the dachshund lovers at our dog park that she is taking part in a controlled experiment requiring her to eat 2 eggs a day.

Digging into this at home, I discovered that there is an association between egg intake and better brain performance of the frontal lobe and executive functioning.

Your frontal lobe is responsible for decision-making, problem-solving, and movement control. Executive functioning involves skills such as planning, organising, and focusing on tasks.

There is one definitive study in 2017 out of Finland, and a couple of corroborating studies support the idea that components found in eggs, like choline, benefit your cognitive functions.

⇒ This suggests that incorporating eggs into your diet could contribute to the prevention or delay of dementia.

What this means for you: Eating eggs in moderation can be a smart choice for supporting your brain health and longevity.

However, achieving the recommended daily intake of the active ingredient (choline) associated with better cognitive functioning would require eating 3 eggs a day.

Moderate consumption is regarded as 1 to 2 eggs a day on average. Therefore, to make up the balance, you need to pair this with other brain-boosting foods, such as leafy greens, berries, nuts and seeds, milk, and fish rich in omega-3s (salmon and cod), to maximise your brain health benefits. Or if you like liver, beef liver is exceptionally high in choline, providing about 356 mg per 3-ounce serving (85g), which is more than 2 eggs.

I'm going to add an extra egg every 2 or 3 days to the one I have daily now.

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02 Green Juices and Smoothies - as Healthy as They Claim?

A recent article in the Washington Post questioned the value of green juices and smoothies (I haven't linked it because it is behind a paywall).

Surprise! They conclude that "green drinks may not always be the healthiest option because they lack fibre and are often full of sugar and additives" - such as colourings - which are not beneficial.

In absolute terms, I agree. And I also understand that these kinds of articles need a certain contrarian shock value to attract eyeballs. But if you think about it in relative terms, they all boil down to this one type of statement:

"Drinking the right green juices is best, but if you are drinking Coke or Red Bull every day, then any green juices are a better choice."

The latter group accounts for 98% of people. However, the article spends 98% of its coverage on what's wrong with green juices; otherwise, they would not have a story.

⇒ For the 2% that are already making a healthy choice by having green juices and smoothies, they could do the best by reading the label and drinking those with more fibre and less sugar and additives.

I have vegetable juice every night - about an hour before bed.

What does this mean for you? Blend your own and get the best of all options.

In a blender, I mix English Spinach leaves, celery sticks and leaves, and whatever other vegetable or fruit I might spot on the night, e.g. half an apple. I add plain water, or coconut water, or herbal tea (or a combination), blend it, and drink.

I've tried adding kale but can't get used to it. I also add 5g of my mixture of equal parts carnitine, l-glutamine, and night magnesium powder which I keep mixed together in one container.

This will benefit your intestinal tract as you sleep. It tastes better than it might sound and is full of fibre.

You'll need a blender that can fully blend the vegetables in order for them to taste smooth and be easiest to drink.

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03 Don't Let A Lower Appetite Lead To Malnutrition

We often think of losing weight and having feelings of wanting to eat less food as an almost positive sign - a sign that we have our eating and desires under control.

⇒ However, as you grow older, these trends are a warning sign that you may be heading for undernutrition.

In the UK, for example, about 15% of older adults suffer from undernutrition.

Weight loss as we age is a key sign of potential malnutrition. It's also important to remember that being overweight does not protect against undernutrition. When inactive, overweight adults lose weight, it is usually a loss of muscle, meaning they are more likely to lose their ability to do routine daily tasks.

What this means for you: Don't dismiss feelings that you no longer feel as hungry as before. Even if you do need to eat less, you still need to keep up the nutrient requirement of your lifestyle. This means that you will have to change your diet to include foods with a higher nutrient density.

Keep an eye out for:

  • Weight loss
  • Loose clothing or accessories
  • Lack of appetite
  • Statements indicating reduced food intake (“I don’t want much food today”, “I’m not hungry, it’s natural, I’m getting older”, “I’d rather just have a biscuit to be honest”)

If you experience any of these, talk with your doctor because malnutrition becomes a vicious circle leading to a lower life expectancy.

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04 Wrist Mobility & Strength Exercises for Pain-Free Hands & Wrists

Our exercise of the week is... wrist exercises. This article caught my attention because it makes so much sense.

We rarely notice our wrists until they cause us pain. Here's something to think about:

  • Studies have found that mouse and keyboard time predicted elbow and wrist/hand pain from low exposure levels without a threshold effect.

⇒ This means that any amount of time spent using these devices could potentially contribute to pain conditions, and it accumulates.

This also means that once your wrists are painful and you are suffering, it will take time to rehabilitate them. Better to prevent the pain in the first place.

These exercises from GMB sports physiotherapists are the best, based on their experience of what works for wrist pain prevention and recovery.

What this means for you: Try the five wrist stretches that can help alleviate any pain and enhance your range of motion. After that, check the four wrist strengthening exercises to safeguard your wrists in the long run.

The article and the videos say it all.

The exercises are all very "simple" except perhaps for the Seal Walk, which is a challenge. They recommend doing both sets of exercises for a few minutes every day but start with the stretches if you have painful wrists now.

If your wrist mobility limits you from following the exercises demonstrated in the videos, there's no need to fret. Simply modify the moves to suit your individual capabilities.

Finally, if you feel restricted by wrist pain when doing bodyweight exercises, e.g. push-ups, then these stretches and strengthening exercises will get you back on top of your form.

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Thanks for reading!

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